The Magic of Ageing Dis-Gracefully

Ageing is inevitable but how well are you ageing?

Scientists now understand that we have two ages: our Chronological Age (birth age) and our Biological Age (body age) which is a reflection on how fast our bodies are actually ageing.

Two-thirds of us have a body age much higher than our birth age because of our diet and lifestyle choices. Therefore, we are ageing much faster than we should be.

If you are looking for a way to slow the ageing process, this program is for you.

This program, which is based current research, will jump start you on the path to transforming your body to a healthier and more youthful you, giving you the freedom to choose how to live your best life, that is how to age dis-gracefully by “living young” as you age.

Telomerase is the enzyme that repairs telomeres, helping you to reverse ageing at a cellular level.

Join the Program to Learn

  • No-cost ways to improve your health
  • How to boost your immune system
  • The benefits of regular exercise
  • Secrets to looking fabulous at any age
  • How to balance your hormones
  • Ways to help get a good night’s sleep
  • Improve your health through detoxification
  • How your mindset can influence your life
  • Supplements to boost your body and slow the ageing process.
  • Beauty from within – products to help you look and feel younger
  • Ways to reduce your toxic exposure

What are Telomeres?

Telomeres are the protective caps at the end of your chromosomes, much like the plastic tips on your shoelaces.

As you age, your telomeres tend to shorten, causing your cells to malfunction and die. Shorter telomeres are associated with an elevated risk of premature death from many illnesses, including heart disease, Alzheimer’s, type 2 diabetes, and many cancers.

As your telomeres get shorter, your life gets shorter too!

The good news is that your lifestyle – including how you eat, exercise, and handle stress – has a huge impact on your telomeres.

Telomerase is the enzyme that repairs telomeres, helping you to reverse ageing at a cellular level.

Nothing matters more than your health – taking care of your body must be your top priority to enable you to live your best life – the ability to rejuvenate your body – to stay joyfully active, productive, fully functional, fulfilled, pain free and brimming with energy.

How would you describe yourself?

  •  I’m feeling a bit run down and would like to improve my energy levels and regain my zest for life.
  • I want to slow the ageing process, feel more vibrant, more energetic and live a more joyful life.
  • I want to do everything I can to be as healthy as possible, for as long as possible. I believe that living in a healthy state should be a life priority for everyone so they can enjoy an extraordinary quality of life.

Give your body what it needs to stay young and healthy

Meet Jan

My name is Jan and I’ve designed this program after much research, out of my own frustration at trying to lose weight, keep it off and improve my health.
Let’s face it most diets don’t work, but we blame ourselves anyway.  I enjoy seeking ways to slow down the ageing process and helping people to truly create and experience an extraordinary quality of life.

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