Weight Loss Revolution


Is this you?

You’ve tried almost every diet out there, you lost the weight quickly, but then it crept back on and you ended up weighing more than before.
You increased your exercise, but it didn’t make much difference (It actually made you hungrier)
In general, you eat a healthy diet but don’t feel healthy – you still have sugar cravings, food intolerances and resort to comfort eating to cope with your busy lifestyle.
You lack energy and don’t sleep well
You feel like a failure

It’s NOT your fault – THERE IS ANOTHER WAY

Would you like to learn the secrets to having vibrant health and a slim body?
Discover the real reasons why we gain weight (it is not just food)
Find out how your individual health depends on the health of your gut lining, your micro-biome and its instructions to your immune system
Many so called “healthy foods” are actually to blame for making you sick and overweight.
Discover how our “good” bacteria has been compromised and learn how to eliminate the “bad” bacteria and heal the gut.

It all starts in the gut!

Our gut bacteria play an important role in “educating” our immune system as to which compounds should be accepted and which ones are cause for concern.

Firstly, you need to re-boot your biome by eating selected foods and you repair the gut wall with targeted supplements.
Your gut biome is like a rainforest with complex systems that rely on one another to survive.

So, it’s about healing the gut, eliminating the “bad” bacteria and increasing the “good” bacteria.


This is a weight loss program like no other

⦁ Lose weight naturally

⦁ Eliminate sugar & carbohydrate cravings

⦁ Boost your immune system

⦁ Enjoy increased energy

⦁ Love your glowing skin

How It Works

Your individual health and your ability to lose weight depends on the health of your gut lining, your microbiome, and its instructions to your immune system.

New research from Sweden has uncovered a novel connection between intestinal permeability (aka leaky gut) and visceral fat.

So, this program is about the foods and lifestyle habits required to heal the gut lining, eliminate the “bad” bacteria and increase the “good” bacteria.

Phase 1:

Remove and Repair – 6 weeks minimum (longer if

Repair your damaged gut and establish the “good”
bacteria in your gut.

  • Dietary changes – eat foods from the “good”
    bacteria list and eliminate the foods that cause
    the “bad” bacteria to proliferate
  • Avoid using products that disrupt the “good”
    bacteria and your hormones
  • Targeted supplements to help repair the gut
    wall and enhance the results of the program

Phase 2:

Your longevity lifestyle plan.

  • Start the re-introduction of some foods from the
    “no” list
  • A Diet for life
  • Boost fat burning through Intermittent fasting or
    shorter eating windows
  • Stem-cell production through intermittent
  • Longevity supplements

What do you get?

  • A list of approved foods
  • A handbook to guide you through the program
  • Recipes to help you get started
  • Supplements to repair the gut
  • Weekly group coaching calls
  • Support via weekly emails
  • Access to a Private Facebook group

Meet Jan

My name is Jan and I’ve designed this program after much research, out of my own frustration at trying to lose weight, keep it off and improve my health.
Let’s face it most diets don’t work, but we blame ourselves anyway.

Discover how this program is different

Frequently Asked Questions

Will I feel hungry?

No. You’ll be surprised while on this program you don’t crave sugar, nor will you feel hungry. The program isn’t about deprivation, it’s about substituting foods from the ‘yes’ list. You can adjust your serving sizes if necessary.

What happens if I go off course?

For some reason you may have an unexpected event that interrupts your program. Don’t be hard on yourself, simply hit the reset button and start again.

Do I need to exercise?

30 minutes a day is recommended for this program. Choose how you want to move.

Why do I need to take supplements?

Most people are deficient in nutrients. Our soils are depleted, and our foods are grown with artificial fertilizers.
The supplements selected for this program have been selected to heal your gut.

How much water do I need to drink?

It is important that you drink 2-3 litres of filtered water daily.

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