Lumps and Bumps

We all have parts of our bodies we can’t wait to farewell. For me, it’s my tum and bum, and excitedly, both are much smaller and smoother in just TWO WEEKS!

But what always makes me a tad sad is what happens when I first start to lose weight. It’s as if all the bad fat gets together in some condensed, fat convention and jeers at me, ‘Fat cells UNITE! Safety in numbers! The force is strong in this one and we must resist!’

In some sort of messed-up mind trickery, the parts I really don’t like the look of become magnified, or more accentuated, which kinda sucks really. Stripped down, there’s something strangely reassuring about the smoothed roundness of plump as opposed to skinnier, concentrated, lumpy fat.

That’s okay, you bumpy burden. We’ve now got the intel to strike from the inside out. You cannot hide, and if you want to band together, as if that’s going to help, our villi guys are onto you, SAS-style. We’ll even attack you in our sleep!

Be patient, Ye Warriors of Fat. The fact that it’s looking concentrated means you’re winning the war. It’s retreating! With this program, toxic fat really has no chance.

Strong and steady wins, and when the fat cult gets in your face, look instead to the parts that have gone. Watch as your body reshapes. You did that! Keep up the good fight. And when you reach your magic number on the scale, you can take pride in toning the new you with exercise you enjoy.

So here’s to the new, non-lumpy, non-bumpy you.

Adios, adipose!

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