Reduce your Toxic Load

A critical step in helping you to change how you age is by reducing your toxic load through the use of safe personal care products and cosmetics.

  • Most personal care products on the market are loaded with toxins, which are not only harmful to your health but ageing to your skin.
  • Of the 30,000 chemicals in common personal use only about 4% are routinely monitored.
  • There are about 2,000 new ones coming onto the market every year.
  • Women put an average of 168 chemicals on their body daily. While most men use fewer products they are still exposed to about 85 chemicals a day.
  • Studies have shown that women with higher levels of personal-care chemicals in their bodies experienced menopause two to four years earlier than women with low levels.
  • Just because products are sold over the counter doesn’t mean that they are safe to use

Toxicity is caused by:

  • The interaction between different ingredients. Some ingredients might be a “hidden” carcinogenic and when combined with other ingredients has carcinogenic properties.
  • The duration of exposure. The concern is that daily exposure, over a lifetime of toxic ingredients, many of which are left on the skin, has a cumulative negative effect. Even small doses can build up over time
  • Some chemicals, while not acutely toxic, can disrupt hormones. (endocrine disrupters)
  • It was once thought that the skin was a barrier but it is now known the skin is highly permeable to carcinogenic and other toxic ingredients, especially when combined with wetting agents
  • When toxic products are applied to your skin they enter the bloodstream without being detoxified through the liver.

How safe is your favourite lipstick?

If you think your favourite lipstick gloss or eye shadow is “safe” because it doesn’t list lead or arsenic on the ingredient label, think again. Recent research detected seven trace metals with an even greater relative risk of ingestion than lead, including heavy metals and known carcinogens.
This means that women who apply lipstick several times a day could easily be ingesting these metals over the course of a lifetime, along with any number of unknown chemical additives.

Is your shampoo harming your health?

Many of today’s conventional hair products contain a cocktail of toxic ingredients that do nothing but harm our sensitive skin and hair

It is frightening to think that these products are so lightly regulated and that we have been using them for generations not only on ourselves but on our children too.

Four of the main ingredients you should avoid when choosing shampoo are:

  1. Sulphates – chemical detergents which strip away moisture and oils
  2. Parabens – xenoestrogens which disrupt hormones
  3. Fragrance – synthetic fragrances contain dangerous chemicals
  4. Polyethelene Glycol – also known as “PEG” can cause organ toxicity and
    has been linked to cancer

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